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Men’s Revival focuses on helping men feel their best, even when they haven’t been. Our at-home TRT services in Mesa, telemedicine consultations, and easy scheduling make it effortless to improve your well-being from the comfort of your own home.

You should be feeling the best you’ve ever felt.

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We are more than just a doctor’s office. Our men’s health service provides custom treatments and constant guidance to get you back to feeling the best you’ve ever felt. We provide you the tools, regimens and motivation to take on new challenges and pursue what matters most to you. With Men’s Revival, you can maintain an active lifestyle –– whether it be playing rounds of golf, enjoying the tennis court or just feeling half your age.

Skip the waiting rooms and visits to the clinic
Doctor consultations via video telemedicine
In-home lab draws done by our experts, on your schedule
Individualized treatment plans specific to your body and goals
Painless and relaxing treatments in your own home
Advanced regimens to keep your levels more balanced

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    Whether you’re working out, or working in – we can help you feel more vibrant and energized.

    Regardless of your personal wellness goals, Men’s Revival can help you feel more rested, recover faster, and feel more like how you remember you used to. We help clients who want to make lifestyle changes that actually last. We help you uncover commonly undiagnosed issues like low testosterone, sluggish thyroid, and slow metabolism. Treating these common issues can revive your energy, sex drive, and vigor for life. Let Men’s Revival help you find the happier and more energetic you.

    The Men’s Revival Way

    Our process is simple, affordable, and proven.

    Step 1

    We provide an initial consultation with our clinical experts, to quickly identify if you are a candidate for a Men’s Revival program.

    Step 2

    We send a phlebotomist to you to draw labs, scheduled at your convenience.

    Step 3

    Telemedicine consultation with a Men’s Revival  doctor who reviews your labs, diagnoses, and prescribes your regimen. 

    Step 4

    Your prescription is shipped to you, so you don’t have to visit a health center or pharmacy to pick it up.

    Step 5

    Treatments are administered in the comfort of your own home.

    We come to you so you can keep doing what you do.

    At Men’s Revival, we make it as easy as possible to feel your best with super flexible scheduling, professional nurses and at-home treatments.

    For years, our team has been serving the greater Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, helping men feel their best. Our discreet services revolve around your schedule, being in the comfort of your own home, and ensure you feel the best you can with as little effort as possible.

    Packages starting at just $150 a month.

    Work with us to get a custom treatment made just for you.