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The Men’s Revival Difference.

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Advanced regimens to keep your levels more balanced:
Programs that are built to eliminate ups and downs and keep your levels balanced so you never have that low testosterone feeling

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Lacking energy? Feeling like your overall health and performance aren’t where they should be? Let’s help you find out why with a free health assessment and blood panel done in the comfort of your own home, at a time that’s convenient for you.

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At Men’s Revival we help clients who want to make lifestyle changes that actually last. We revive your energy, sex drive, and vigor for life by diagnosing common problems like low testosterone, sluggish thyroid, and slow metabolism.

We are more than just a doctor’s office. Our men’s health service provides custom treatments and constant guidance to get you back to feeling the best you’ve ever felt. We provide you the tools, regimens and motivation to take on new challenges and pursue what matters most to you. With Men’s Revival, you can maintain an active lifestyle –– whether it be playing rounds of golf, enjoying the tennis court or just feeling half your age.

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Step 1

We provide an initial consultation with our clinical experts, to quickly identify if you are a candidate for a Men’s Revival program.

Step 2

We send a phlebotomist to you to draw labs, scheduled at your convenience.

Step 3

Telemedicine consultation with a Men’s Revival  doctor who reviews your labs, diagnoses, and prescribes your regimen. 

Step 4

Your prescription is shipped to you, so you don’t have to visit a health center or pharmacy to pick it up.

Step 5

Treatments are administered in the comfort of your own home.

About Men’s Revival

Meet Doctor Raisanen

Dr. Peter Raisanen, NMD, works with the best of modern and integrative medicine to achieve long lasting hormonal health for his clients. His training at Bastyr University San Diego in integrative medicine and work alongside many experts in men’s hormones have given him a unique advantage in helping men get back into the driver’s seat of life.

Dr. Raisanen made the choice to work in hormonal health after seeing the dramatic changes in the well-being and health of his patients. Using hormonal modalities; specifically testosterone replacement and it’s most advanced and optimal replacement strategies, Dr. Raisanen has had much success in optimizing his patient’s health. Currently when not treating patients, Dr. R can be found golfing, hiking the Grand Canyon, archery hunting, or with his family out in the mountains exploring.

Millions of men face Low Testosterone

Are you one of them?

Low testosterone, or Low T, can be a result of obesity, stress, chronic illnesses, or part of the normal aging process. 

Testosterone replacement therapy can address reduced levels by supplementing testosterone through weekly injections. All men wish they could maintain their prime condition throughout life and in many cases, increasing your testosterone may be all you need to feel young again.

What are the symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can affect nearly every part of a man’s body and brain.


Depression or changes in mood


Loss of strength, muscle tone, and body mass


General fatigue and lethargy


Erectile dysfunction

Sex Drive

Low libido (loss of sex drive) and sexual dysfunction.


Muscle aches, joint pain, and soreness all over.

When will I start noticing results?

Results can be felt within weeks.

Patients who begin a Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) program may see improvements within the first few weeks.

The benefits of a TRT program begin to take shape once the body has time to adjust to higher levels of testosterone, which typically takes two to three months.

TRT benefits may include:

Improved mood, focus, & concentration
Increase in lean muscle tone, mass, & strength
Improved sex drive
Improved fat metabolism
Reduced inflammation throughout the body
Better delivery of oxygen to your skin & organs

Customized Treatment plans

Low T treatment is not one size fits all.

Men’s Revival has the highest quality treatments for testosterone replacement, estrogen control and fertility preservation. We analyze the overall endocrine and metabolic functions, so that our testosterone replacement therapy is effective, safe and tailor-made for your body.

Pricing & Packages

Packages starting at $150 a month.

Work with us to get a custom treatment made just for you.


Learn more about Low T, our services, and what you can expect.

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